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Bridesmaid dresses for under £100

Bride and six bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses for under £100

09 Aug 2013

Emily Phillips has six bridesmaids for her wedding. The dress brief? Game Of Thrones inspired and under £100 for each dress...

The thought of bridesmaid shopping made me shudder with fear. I have six bridesmaids: three adults, between 20 and 30, and three school age, between 12 and 16. They all have completely different colourings and shapes, and I'm shopping on a budget.

Given the high price points of traditional bridesmaid retailers, I hit the high street for a fun, age-spanning and inexpensive alternative...

Top row left to right: Edwina dress, £99, Coast; Aztec beaded midi dress, £89, Miss Selfridge; Lurex cape back maxi dress, £59, Miss Selfridge.

Bottom row left to right: Drape maxi dress by Wal G, £33, Topshop; Helena maxi, £39, Lovestruck

Where I shopped

First up, Coast, where I saw a pretty hot-pink strapless beauty with a mid-length feathered crepe skirt. It was gorgeous, but at the top of my budget. Also, the boned, corseted bodice didn't feel appropriate for my teen maidens. Edwina dress, £99, Coast

There are lots of beautifully embellished shifts in Miss Selfridge, and this one beaded dress particularly took my eye. Aztec beaded midi dress, £89, Miss Selfridge

I considered a sci-fi reboot of my theme so I could have six robo-bridesmaids in this pale pink lurex caped number. Lurex cape back maxi dress, £59, Miss Selfridge

Next stop was Topshop. I love its fresh, fashion-forward fancies, but the best dressing-up dresses were squirrelled away on their concessions floor in the basement of the Oxford Street branch. I've been looking for a pop of hot colour, so this yellow dress from Wal G caught my eye. The thick crepe and flattering style was perfect, but sadly the shade would have rendered one very pale, very blonde cousin more Lisa Simpson than the Daenerys Targaryen I was shooting for. Drape maxi dress by Wal G, £33, Topshop

And then I saw The One: a long, floaty, romantic tunic - neither too mature, nor too babyish - in a vibrant coral. The golden plaited straps and wafts of chiffon down the front are a nice touche and at £39, I can still afford to hoove my maidens in gold to complete the Game Of Thrones look. Helena maxi, £39, Lovestruck

Let's hope they like them as much as I do! @emilylphillips

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