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  • Polar bear birthday
  • Polar bear birthday
  • Polar bear birthday

Polar bear birthday

Twin polar bears celebrate 100th day milestone

Just a week after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and news has reached us of another major milestone to be celebrated. Two premature twin polar bears, raised at Tianjin Haichang Ocean World aquarium in northern China, have reached their 100th day. Hurrah!

Born on March 5th, the twins were taken from their mother and put into incubators to give them the best chance of survival.

“They were so tiny at birth,” explains the bears’ keeper Sun Qinbao. “The elder sister was 497 grams, and the younger one was 560 grams. In the first few days their eyes were still not opened and they just ate and slept.”

The pair were looked after around the clock by a four-strong team of keepers, but it was touch and go. Now positively thriving, 100 days is a landmark certainly worth celebrating, but one question remains - what do you buy baby polar bears for their 'birthday'?

Image credit: Rex

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