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  • Posing pooches wow the cameras
  • Posing pooches wow the cameras
  • Posing pooches wow the cameras
  • Posing pooches wow the cameras

Posing pooches wow the cameras

Canines get set for their close-ups

These dolled-up dogs are not exactly what you'd call camera shy.

In fact, they're more than happy to give the likes of Kate Moss and Gisele B√ľndchen a run for their money with their sheer dynamism and charm in front of the lens.

A huge range of photogenic hounds - from Dalmatians to Labradors and Pomeranians - have undergone flattering close-ups thanks to the skill of pet photographer Barbara O'Brien.

Her specially commissioned Dog Face series see canines of all descriptions take centre stage for professionally shot portraits that really draw out their individual personalities.

So if you're in the mood for some light Tuesday entertainment, check out some of her four-legged subjects in all their camera-loving glory, below...

Picture credit: Barbara O'Brien/Rex Features

ABOVE: Kai the Golden Retriever and Jonah the Labrador Retriever

ABOVE: Coqui the Pekinese cross and JRT the Jack Russell Terrier

ABOVE: Sunday the Bichon Frise mix and Ruger the Vizsla

ABOVE: Jiff the Pomeranian and Rita the Dalmatian

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