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  • Plane cute: Hello Kitty airways
  • Plane cute: Hello Kitty airways
  • Plane cute: Hello Kitty airways

Plane cute: Hello Kitty airways

The iconic cartoon cat takes to the skies

Set to take the Hello Kitty brand sky high is EVA Air’s adorable new fleet of Hello Kitty airplanes.

Taiwan’s biggest airline carrier EVA Air has been creating Hello Kitty planes since 2005, when it designed the first fleet to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The latest Hello Kitty Airbus planes carry three cute themes - apple, magic and global - and are hoped to help boost the country's tourism industry.

Decked out in colourful signage on the exterior, the EVA Air jets have over 100 in-flight Hello Kitty items – from the Hello Kitty boarding passes and check-in area, to Hello Kitty headrests, cushions, bathroom soap, meals and utensils. Even the flight attendants have Hello Kitty uniforms.

We're sure even the most nervous flyer would be unable to resist.

What do you think? Are the Hello Kitty jets worth it or a waste of money? Tell us your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments below.

Picture credit: Barcroft Media

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