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  • Kitten gives pug a message
  • Kitten gives pug a message

Kitten gives Pug a Massage

Who says cats and dogs can't be friends?

Cats and Dogs are supposedly one of the oldest, most bitter enemies in the animal kingdom - so, naturally, this video melted out hearts.

Pining after our furry Fashion Week companion, Lenny the pug (who had to take a season out for a well-earned rest), we happily stumbled across this video of another pug, named Toby, getting a massage from a kitten. What amazed us was just how talented this cute cat is at massage - Toby is lulled into a snoring slumber after just a few seconds under the kitten's paws.

This video brightened our Thursday morning - and we're sure it'll do the same for you - so scroll down for a full minute of unbelievable cuteness.

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