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Dog's dinner fit for a king

Canine cuisine at crazy costs

Everyone wants the best for their dog - but that doesn't normally stretch to forking out £115 on grass-fed angus beef tartare.

For one Baltimore-based chef, however, providing luxury cuisine for discerning canines has become something of a life's calling.

Chef Kevyn Matthews began his career catering on movie sets, creating meals for celebrities such as Spike Lee, Heidi Klum and Shaquille O'Neal.

He then decided to branch out into bespoke dog dining and now works round the clock to rustle up exquisite dishes of the kind that wouldn't look out of place in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Kevyn's repertoire is organically sourced from the finest ingredients and includes delicacies such as grass-fed angus beef tartare with sweet potato and raw salmon and cod mixed with quinoa.

He also puts together tailor-made meal plans for tricky eaters, which can cost up to £120 a week.

This self-appointed canine caterer claims that providing high-end doggie cuisine is more than just a business - it's his life mission.

"It is my duty on this planet to save dogs with my food," he says. "Dogs just like humans depend on things that are grown from the earth to heal and survive. Generally raw proteins, fresh vegetables and select fruits are ideal for optimum wellness in our dogs' lives."

Many of Kevyn's clients are New York-based celebrities, who want nothing but la crème de la crème for their beloved and pampered pooches.

"I love it when I hear somebody say they have a picky dog who rarely eats anything - and when I show up the dog eats everything," he says.

"I usually get attacked with kisses and thank-yous from the dog - in addition to looks of awe from the owner."

Kevyn, pictured below, is currently working on an internet book of dog recipes while continuing his home consultations.

What do you think - is this officially the world's most decadent dog trend? And would you splash out £100 or more on a tailor-made meal plan for your dog, even if you could afford it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Photos: Barcroft Media

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