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Baby sloth gets dressed in a onesie

An unbelievably cute video clip

Remember when Kristen Bell went crazy over sloths on Ellen? Now we get it.

Admittedly, we've seen our fair share of cute animal videos in the Stylist office (remember the kittens waking up from a nap?) - but we think this clip might trump them all.

Taken from Animal Planet documentary Meet the Sloths (we've already set our Sky plus), this adorable, but informative video tells the story of a tiny baby sloth who loses his fur due to mange. The race is then on for staff at the Avarios Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica to dress the little critter in a onesie so he's warm enough to survive. Containing a few scenes of mild peril, we were gripped throughout the 2 minute clip. Enjoy.

Watch Meet The Sloths on Animal Planet this Sunday 4th March at 8pm.

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