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30 Cool Bridesmaid Dresses

30 cool bridesmaid dresses

Fashionable frocks for summer weddings

Bridesmaid dresses are rarely cool: far too many flounces and frills to be deemed even vaguely fashionable. And while the intention of a bridesmaid dress is that it is really only to be worn for the wedding day in question, why is it that the bride's request for you to wear said outfit is so often accompanied by the phrase: 'don't worry, you can totally wear this again'? We've all seen 27 Dresses (erm, some of us more than once), rarely does that dress get a second outing.

So, in the interests of bridesmaids everywhere, we've put together a list of 30 cool dresses that you really will want to wear again. No taking-up of hems required.

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Compiled by Sharon Forrester

Tags: Fashion, Wedding, Trends

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