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Trend on Trial: white eyeliner

How to do this season's fairytale eye make-up

Stylist's Beauty Director Joanna McGarry tests out this season's white eyeliner trend, and shows you how to get the look in the video above.

For a colour that is ostensibly pure and quite bland white has many different guises. On walls, it's a safe bet; minimalist and serene. On clothes, as the catwalk has seen this season, it's fresh and crisp - and an instant injection of Scandinavian cool. In fact, white has even made a star appearance on nails of late.

White make-up is an altogether different matter, however. As was spearheaded by Erdem and Giambattista Valli this season, accents of white around the eyes gave way to a playful jamboree of ethereal impishness as well as a sense of wide-eyed futurism. It's about as far away as you can get from the standard smokey eye.

Opting for the more out-there catwalk version, I lined the lower inner and outer rims of my eyes with a white kohl eyeliner and intensified it by blending a matte white eyeshadow over the top, finishing with a kick of white liquid liner extended out into a feline flick. Purists can take it furtehr by painting liner onto the lower lashes, but as visions of Tilda Swinton as the White Witch in Narnia flooded my mind, I soon regretted it. Clearly, just like its counterpart black, it's all about how you wear it.

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