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Trend on Trial: the vintage twist

How to do this season's up-do hairstyle

Stylist's Beauty Director Joanna McGarry tests out this season's take on the up-do, and shows you how to get the look in the video above.

Kristen Wiig's film may be a triumph but no-one wants to look like a bridesmaid. Not really. And not just because of the clingy-in-all-the-wrong-places satin dress you're likely to be stuffed into. The fear is that the bride opts for a complex up-do; a confection of tight braids and forced ringlets, secured with 97 kirby grips.

The truth is, up-dos are extremely tricky to get right. Which is why, year on year, most of us are content with a classic bun, ponytail and those in-between knots which by rights, should be extinct along with scrunchies. There is an alternative, however. As seen at Louis Vuitton's S/S 2011 catwalk show, the vintage twist - a deep side parting with hair twisted back into itself (see the YSL show for a similar version) - it looks both retro and modern, finished with a slightly matted texture. And it's stupidly easy to do: I combed a deep side-parting and prepped my hair with beach spray.

After pulling the left hand side over my eye, I twisted it back over my ear until I reached the nape of the neck, secured with a grip and fixed with hairspray before repeating on the other side. With that peekaboo fringe and a sense of wartime nostalgia, it's the ideal up-do.

That's your wedding hair sorted.

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