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Trend on Trial: Plum lips

How to do this season's deep, dramatic shade

Stylist's Beauty Director Joanna McGarry tests out this season's dramatic deep plum lip, and shows you how to get the look in the video above.

Most of us tend to walk the well-trodden path when it comes to our make-up choices. Although happy to experiment, each day I find myself with the usual red lip. And then, there are women who like to flip the script – eschewing accepted rules of beauty conduct (summer equals coral, evening equals eyeliner and so on) – and look all the more memorable as a result.

Take Daphne Guinness, who defiantly colours her hair in skunk-like blonde-and-black stripes and carries it off with flair. It’s a kind of beauty rebellion – a rejection of the norm. The catwalk took a similar approach. At YSL, Ungaro and Givenchy, a dark plum lip reigned. Dramatic, with a film-noir feel, it quickly became an unexpected hit. Au fait with wearing dark lips, I thought I had this in the bag. I didn’t. To give it an edge, the catwalk version was drenched in a clear lipgloss.

After lining the lips in a matching pencil to avoid feathering, I coated my lips with Dior Rouge’s rich Hypnotic Red (£22.50), then smoothed on Mac’s iconic Lipglass (£11.50). The pristine texture gave my lips an almost mannequin-like perfection. And yet, within minutes of being outside in a light breeze, I was plucking strands of sticky, maroon hair from my lips. It’s a powerful look, but it’s high maintenance. Beauty rebels will love it.

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